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Refine Your Sales Process.


find more clients.


Close More Business.



Do you want more sales but don’t want to feel “too pushy?” I don’t like it when other trainers ask me to do something that lacks integrity, either. I’ve mastered a process to sell consistently, without the sleazy methods, and I can teach you to do the same.

Begin your journey to refine your sales process and close more business with ease.

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 Refine Your Sales Process.

Find New Clients.

Close More Business.

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My favorite things to speak about are how to refine your sales process, find new clients, and close more business.  Let’s talk about how I can bring these things to you and your team.

Prospects can tell when we really care about them and when we are just feeling anxious about a sale. Always do what is right for the potential customer. Even if they don’t buy from you today, you build a long-term relationship that will bear fruit in unexpected ways.
— Catherine Brown


Learn the Tools, Habits, and Beliefs necessary to master sales goals.


Hire me to present business development topics designed to simplify your selling.

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Overcome self-limiting beliefs and discover the key to sales success.

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“I’ve been in sales for over 50 years. I was curious to know what I might learn from Catherine…This course invigorated me…with the end result, making the close much easier.

I highly recommend Catherine Brown to anyone interested in growing their business…I would take this course again in a heartbeat!”

Moose R.


Your hesitation in business costs you money. ExtraBold provides a plan to refine your sales process, find new clients, and close more sales. move from anxiety to confidence in your sales work.



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