The workshop was magnificent!! Was extremely informative and confidence building. Left me wanting more! <3

Charmaine S.

After our training workshop our senior sales reps increased 15% and 20% over the previous month. This workshop helped organize and change their way of thinking about the sales approach on a daily basis.

Ryan E.

Catherine does a great job to help you not only hone the skills you already have but also offers other great suggestions, throughout your training, to use in your daily sales activities.

Mark H.

When I signed up for Catherine's class, I didn't even HAVE a value proposition (aka "elevator pitch"), much less know how to use one to create a funnel of clients. After 6 weeks, not only can I do the work of reaching new clients confidently, I can also recognize when others are doing it ineffectively. We learned so much together in those sessions, and I will be working on and perfecting these tools for months to come!

Ginger J.

A fresh perspective to add meaning to something most of us dread.

Amy F.